Winter Time Is Here...pic

Live, Love, Laugh (:

well hi there (: i haven't been on here in such a long time! hi (: many things have happened. i re-discovered buzznet! yay. i've really…
AllTimeLorraine Nov 05, 2009


AllTimeLorraine Nov 05, 2009

Punk Goes Pop 3

If U Seek Amy- All Time Low Just Dance- Mayday PArade I Do Not Hook Up- The Maine Hush Hush- Forever The Sickest Kids Feel Your Love- Every Avenue The…
Sebastian is hotter than Alex- NP.pic

Sebastian is hotter than Alex- NP.

Alex's dog Sebastian is hotter than he is- Nothing Personal :)
i love all time low :pic
i love all time low :pic

i love all time low :)

favorite. band. ever. ♥
AllTimeLorraine May 04, 2009


so yup, im on here again. 4.18 i saw derek from mayday parade and met him. just thought id mention that. FOLLOW ME. thank bye :)
AllTimeLorraine Apr 27, 2009
my glamour kills painting :pic

my glamour kills painting :]

painting for art. glamour kills

nothing personal; warped tour; updaate!

NOTHING PERSONAL.i'm sure every all time low fan has listened to weightless? WELL I LOVED IT? what does everyone else out there think of it?!'m…
all time low spongebob.pic

all time low // spongebob.

now this, is epic. ...but someone tell me where rian is?

another one for her..

i love how you really think putting your profile on private would keep me from seeing that. its so cute how you try. why the…

this is for "ohdammititsalexilol"..

let's start this off by saying you're a real hypocrit. i really think you need to just shut up. your journal about all time low…
Miserable At Best- Mayday Paradeofficial video!vid

Miserable At Best- Mayday Parade(official video!)

new music video! i love them & this song so much
AllTimeLorraine Jan 09, 2009
All Time Low backstage MTV New Years Eve.vid


I Love..How so many people..Call All Time Low sellouts..god forbid the most fucking amazing band becomes successful..?i've been listening to atl for a while.and honestly…
oh wow.pic

oh wow.

im really not pretty.. and why is my hair always messy?
aftermath of a flour fight pic

aftermath of a flour fight =)

about 10 pm.. 30 degress outside.. we got bored and decided to go outside and throw flour at eachother.. in the snow.. in t-shirts and capris.. funn funnn funnnn!
arrrrttt prroojjjeecccct.pic

arrrrttt prroojjjeecccct.

so for art we had to draw on a cow for a contesstt. our drawing had to be music and dairy realateddd so here's my sad attempt this…

its true though..

you know what i think half of the people on this website are so fake. and posers.. and stalkers.. and just plain irritating.. I can't…
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Spongebob, Ace of Cakes.